Tanabata Festival 2012 (Baguio City)

Tonight I never expected that I was chosen to be the Orihime of the night. Just-in-case you don’t have an idea about it; Orihime is the princess who weaves to see her husband every 7th evening ones a year. Darn my father who texted me and asked me what time will I go home. I felt a little rushy so I changed into my casual clothes. Unexpectedtly the Orihime of the night was me but when they said that I was near the exit to see in the weather was fine so I could already head home. I know I sort of disappointed the people I admire and I used to stalk (my co-cosplayers) Hihi. Anyway one of them said that even though I wasn’t the one who came for it for her I was still their Orihime.

Meet my new pet MADA~ I Dada and Mommy got it for me.

This awesome night made me realized that I don’t want to study at Manila instead I want to be with Otageki my family thru out my college and even then when I already graduate.